We all know the perfect temperature to cook each cut to perfection but… how do we get there? Coal is our greatest ally!

Fire is the most important thing to do. And when it comes to turning it on, we know that if you are a beginner you may present some problems.

Since lighting the coals can be quite challenging, here are 4 life-saving tips so you can do it like a pro:

  1. Clean up the grill beforehand. That way, the air will flow more easily.
  2. Stack the coals from largest to smallest, leaving the small ones (which light up faster) at the top.
  3. Use paper and oil to keep the flames burning longer.
  4. Fan the flames until the paper gets consumed, and the edges of the coals turn gray. 

Keep in mind that some coals take longer to ignite, and they can differ in texture and aroma. So, make sure you always use quality coals. 

Once the coals are burning, wait at least 15 minutes to throw your meat on the grill. And that’s it! Now, let’s get grilling! 

Did you apply any of these tips?