Eating Insects is Good for You

Since the beginning of civilization, people have been eaten little critters. While entomophagy, meaning eating insects in plain English, is not something new, many Western countries still find them disgusting. Nevertheless, food experts explain that eating insects is beneficial to one’s health.

They state that insects are full of nutrients. For instance, they describe that one cricket has a complete source of protein and essential amino acids. Worms, grasshoppers, and another 1,000 to 2,000 species (including cockroaches) have surprising nutritional benefits. This raises the question, could insects become the food of the future?

Container fills of insects

For Thai people, it’s common to cook and eat insects. If you visit Bangkok, you will find food stalls deep-frying crickets and silkworm seasoned with soy sauce and spicy black pepper. Taking this concept from their home country, the people behind Exofood Thailand are trying to bridge the gap between human consumption and insects, and redefine the concept of entomophagy.

They are doing extensive research and experimentation to reposition bugs as an alternative protein source, not only for humans but for exotic pets too.

The 4 members of Exofood Thailand. Three men and one woman

Our Goal

Nutritious and sanitized food for exotic pets. This idea comes from the co-founder, Athivach “Boom” Pongsattasin, who was trying to source food for his own exotic pet since many exotic animals are highly sensitive especially when it comes to nourishment. Afterward, the idea grew to include breeding insects for human consumption. The company’s goal is to make ready-made food for animals and insect-inspired cuisine for humans.

Insect-based dessert plate

Exofood’s Vertical Farm

So far, they are doing great. Exofood built a unique lab and a vertical farm. “Our farm is unlike any other traditional livestock farm. Since we’re working in a closed space, we need to control the potential possibilities by managing the atmosphere to be as professional as it could be. Visitors must put on the provided sanitary shoes and wash their hands.” Boom explains.

Vertical insect farm

“Our farm is unlike any other traditional livestock farm…”

More Environmentally-Friendly

According to Parit “Pee” Niruttisard, Exofood Operations Director, claims that consuming insects instead of livestock is more environmentally-friendly since insects have 80% edible parts while mainstream meat sources only have 40%.

Similar facts were given by the Institute of Food Technologists in a report in 2014. It also explains that compared to cattle, pigs, and chicken, insects require less feed, less water, less land, and less energy to produce. Growing insects for mass production also generates substantially lower environmental pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Insect-based dessert box

Food made with insects as the main ingredient seems to have enormous nutritional and environmental benefits. Insects are a good source of protein and essential amino acids and have a lower environmental impact. While there is plenty of room to explore, Exofood Thailand is working hard to bring insect consumption as a new lifestyle. Our question now is, are you willing to eat insects on a daily basis?

Variety of Insects Ready to Eat

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