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A – How Do I thaw my Gaucho steaks?
Do not use the microwave; simply allow the steaks to chill in your fridge for 24 to 32 hours. Do not remove the plastic wrap until ready to cook.

B – How long will the steaks last?
When our products arrive to you or your preferred supermarket, we provide the expiration date on each packaging. We print a 90 day shelf life from the packing date in our production plant in Uruguay right before been air freighted, keeping the cuts at a temperature between 32-36 F. After this period, if you don’t freeze it, the product will start loosing its freshness. It can last a few more days or weeks before eventually expiring.

C – Important Instructions
Due to the natural “wet aging” process which occurs within the vacuum seal, sometimes you may notice a stronger beef odor when you open the package. This is normal because of the concentration of juices inside the vacuum sealed bag. Simply pat dry with a paper towel and always allow the beef to rest at room temperature for 10 – 15 minutes before cooking. If you have frozen it, leave it in the refrigerator for 24 – 32 hours to allow proper thawing. DO NOT USE microwave.

D – How long will the steaks last in the freezer?
For optimum tastes and tenderness, we recommend cooking your steaks within 4 months. The steaks will still be of exceptional quality for up to a year after receiving and freezing them. To allow proper thawing, move the beef to the refrigerator for 24 to 32 hrs prior to cooking. DO NOT USE THE MICROWAVE!

F – How do I know the steaks are ok when I receive them?
As long as the product feels cool to the touch, the quality is not diminished, and you can refrigerate or freeze until you are ready to eat them.

G – What does “Wet Aging” mean?
The vacuum sealed packaging allows the product to keep all of its properties and to remain fresh while it is naturally producing a “wet aging process”. This is a different type of process when compared to the more popular “dry aging” process. The beef comes vacuum-packed and is always stored in temperature-controlled refrigerators at 34-36 F to keep freshness while naturally allowing the “wet aging” process to occur in its own juices without any direct air contact. These beef natural juices will eventually breakdown the protein in the beef and tenderize it. The “wet aging process” reaches its peak after 30-40 days of being packaged.

H-What if my steaks have a darker color?
A deep brown color is common when the oxygen has been removed from the packaging and the product has been vacuum sealed. Once the meat is re-exposed to air, it will return to its pink-red color.

I – Where does your beef come from?
Our beef is flown fresh from Canelones, Republic of Uruguay in South America.

J – About your shipment:
Upon arrival please don’t panic if your gel pack is soft or not cold. As long as the beef feels cool the hand, it means the courier has done a good job in handling.

2. About shipping from Uruguay
We contact our partner-friends in UY and ask them to ship a new order to us. The cases travel by air in temperature controlled containers called LD3. When they arrive to the airport, customs inspectors check that all papers are in place and that everything is being taken care of properly from the airline during the travel from South America.

From the customs release of the shipment at the airport, we take the container in a refrigerated truck to our warehouse/storage facility, where USDA inspectors are scheduled to inspect the cargo. Sanitary regulations and the quality of the product is inspected and checked, the records of the plant in Uruguay is double checked along with all customs pre-approved documents. Once the USDA inspectors determine that everything is in pristine conditions, they approve and stamp all cases. From this moment the product becomes “US domestic product” and is ready for distribution anywhere in the USA.


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