Nowadays, incredible sustainable projects are being developed for the organized collection of water droplets from the fog in the hottest places on the planet.


Let’s talk about how the system works.

Before we begin, we must know that it is not a water creation system. The existing liquid is taken in microdrops and it is used to accumulate and reuse it.

This method is used for both irrigation and human consumption. The purpose is to concentrate the particles until they are dense enough and can be transformed into drops.


The idea was born as a solution to the lack of vital liquid in extremely dry areas. But the best thing is that it can work anywhere. The variation of the harvest will depend on the humidity that the region presents.


Types of water collection systems

The most popular are the fog catchers made with mesh. Some are rural and very inexpensive while others are more sophisticated and expensive, but it ultimately serve the same purpose.


These meshes are usually made of plastic and it is where the water accumulates and then descends under its own weight and is stored or directed directly to the plants to be watered.

Each square meter of mesh is capable of obtaining 4 to 15 liters of water per night! It is really impressive what can be done with such a simple system.


The ideal is to place them on slopes, or places where there is more wind. However, they can really be located anywhere.


What does the future of water harvesting look like?

Currently there are other more advanced systems and they occupy a small space, they can collect between 12 to 15 liters of water per day in the most arid places in the world.

It has a futuristic turbine appearance that traps moisture with 95% efficiency. These compact modules rotate with the wind to trap all the water inside.


The best thing about these systems is that they are being implemented in the grasslands to supply water to ranchers and fields where the vital liquid is scarce.



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