There is a big concern when we think about the environment, how our daily basis affects it and how we can help restore it.

But people’s routine and daily habits have been changing drastically since the quarantine started.

On one hand, greenhouse effect gases production has been reduced, since most of the population is staying at home and not using public transport or their own cars.

Not only that, most of the flights have been canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. 

However, as these environmental-damaging gases slow down production, single used products such as plastic gloves, medical masks etc, purchases and acquisitions have severely increased by every person or family.

Not only that, but the rise in food and grocery deliveries mean mountains of single-use plastics. 

As we care about you and the environment but also about your health, we wanted to share with you these 5 tips to implement in this quarantine to stay green and healthy!

  1. Get rid of the disposables: the first step is to be honest with yourself, think about what you can substitute. Analize what’s in your kitchen and your trashcan, plastic wastes that can be changed for easily reusable stuff. For instance, use microfiber cloths to clean or dry kitchen surfaces instead of common paper products. Or the most recent one, reusable films made from beeswax, used to cover leftover dishes and bowls. Be creative!

  • 2. Be easy on water usage: even though water is a renewable source, there is a mandatory need to slow down on water waste. If you didn’t know, water supplies are wasted and contaminated at a more noteworthy speed than they need to recover. According to sources, there’s an estimate that 20% to 40% or clean water is wasted due to unnecessary use or open sinks.

  • 3. Design a plan before going to the store: the best way to keep social distancing when doing groceries is to have a structured and efficient plan. Make a list of what things you need to buy, and make sure to stay inside of it. This will help you not only on the financial aspect, but also will make a better use of your groceries. Remember to always use your mask and plastic gloves.

  • 4. Remember your reusable bags: everytime you need to go buy something, instead of getting the common plastic bags at the store, bring your own reusable tote bag. These are somehow safer because you actually know where it came from, and most important you help the environment by not getting the generic plastic ones, which are a big harm to the planet.

  • 5. Ready to go food: if you don’t want to cook or want a quick meal for your big family, get ready-to-go food. This method helps to cook the exact amount of food that your family wants, and it helps to reduce food and water waste. If you don’t know what to order, we recommend you our ready-to-go delicious grass-fed marinated skirts here.

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