Free Range Poultry

Chickens in Their Natural Environment

Our delicious chicken is humanely raised free range with a tender loving care on family farms from Pennsylvania, or locally sourced here in Florida.

While they are not all certified organic, these exceptional animals feast on a salad bar of pesticide-free gourmet forage including clover, wheat, oat and rye grass and more.
Our free-range chickens are kept cage-free and are pasture raised.
This means that during the day, these chickens can roam about in the fresh air rather than being stuck inside a coop. They are also exposed to sunlight and the natural elements more regularly than non free range poultry.

There are a variety of benefits that accompany pasture raised chickens
• Pasture Raised chickens tend to be lower in fat, particularly saturated fats, while being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
• The Level of Vitamin A tends to be higher than conventionally raised chicken. This can support a healthy immune system.
• They don’t contain antibiotic resistant bacteria since they never receive antibiotics, hormones or drugs
• The animals live better, healthier lives and it is more sustainable for the land

When you choose free range poultry at Gaucho Ranch, you are making a conscious choice to try and improve both your own health and the sustainability of the animals, land, climate and the wider ecosystem.


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