Uruguay is a small great nation, and its greatness in beef production and advertising speaks out for itself.

With a population of just 3.4, Uruguay is presently known for its excellent English breeds of cows that roam uninhibited in one of the best preserved pastures in the world.

Also, the “Oriental” country is the first non-US nation to hold the USDA’s ”Never Ever 3” accreditation.

This accreditation affirms that the cattles were NEVER given antibiotics, hormones, or animal protein; only grass-fed.

This status gives the Uruguayan meat a special position that can easily introduce and lead in a new, growing niche, which is the grass-fed beef.


There are two main aspects that make Uruguayan beef one of the best and most attractive in the world. 

Gauchos, a national symbol for Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Commonly known for its ponchos, swinging boleadoras and its bravery, they hold a special place in popular imagination and culture.

Gauchos are the traditional caretakers of the cattles that roam free in the grassland. 

Gauchos have an indispensable love for their way of living and strong respect for the cattle that they tend and live in peace with nature and the environment of the grasslands.

The way Gauchos raise their animals, in an old fashioned way, produces one of the best types of meat in the US market and the world.

Las Pampas, tremendous, beautiful and vast green fields that extend through the whole country. 

This grasslands has perfect grazing grounds for the meat, and allows the animals to freely and happily roam through the vast and green fields.

The end product is that the cattle live in a cheerful and relaxed state that makes the meat lean and loaded with full of delicious and natural nutrients picked up from the grass. 

Contrasted with most grain-fed cows, this type of meat has a higher percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, which implies that it has less cholesterol than most around the world.

Not only that, grass-fed animals like the ones roaming through Las Pampas, tend to resist diseases and overall are healthier, because they feed on grass they are actually supposed to feed from. 

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