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by Gaucho Ranch - Grill Boutique on December 03, 2021

Coral reefs contain the most diverse and rich biological ecosystems on the planet. In fact, it is estimated that 25% of all marine life, which includes more than 4,000 species of fish, depend on this habitat to complete their life cycle.

However, climate change, waste dumped into the sea, mining activity and oil spills threaten the life of these ecosystems. Even the water becomes acidic and the migratory routes of marine species are modified.

Benefits of coral reefs

-Provide food resources for local communities.

-They fulfill the function of nurseries in many fishing areas of the world.

-Its compounds are used in medicines, even to treat diseases such as cancer.

-They are natural barriers against hurricanes, cyclones and other storms.

Tips for protecting coral

-Conserve the water. Using this resource properly results in less waste dumped into the oceans.

-Dispose of garbage properly to prevent it from reaching the oceans and damaging the delicate structures of the reefs. Remember not to leave fishing ropes or nets in the water or on the beach.

-When diving and doing any navigation activities, avoid contact with the coral and do not walk on it.

Innovations About Coral Reef Conservation

Currently, the architects Olivier Bocquet and François Desruelles and oceanographic researchers have developed a project called Biolum Reef. This promotes the development of marine biodiversity through a reef printed in 3D from plastic waste and has a light system of biological origin.

This project won several awards in France and is designed for marine ecosystems exposed to environmental risks, prevents the accumulation of waste, eradicates algae harmful to the habitat, and protects from coastal erosion.

This structure will serve as a natural barrier in the open sea whose waves erode the coast. It will even take advantage of the sun and the force of the waves to generate its own electricity.

This project proposes to create three semi-submersible habitats within the reef where scientific and artistic activities related to the ocean will be developed and will be open to the public.

Organic waste, plastics, and dirty water will be used for lighting, renewable energy, drinking water, and various foods.

Decontaminating and creating conditions for an autonomous marine life, with a positive impact on the environment and promoting local marine species.

The reef is even expected to host a multitude of marine life, both inside and around it and will be the ideal setting for enjoying underwater walks.

The Gaucho Squad is pleased to share with you this excellent news that brings us closer to a more sustainable and planet-friendly world every day. We are committed to the environment and we continue to improve to offer products 100% extracted from nature. Interested in our wild caught seafood and other premium sustainable metas? Place your order 24/7 through our website www.GauchoRanch.com/shop