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Consultant Chef Interview: Martin Saralegui

by Social Media Gaucho on January 06, 2023

Martin Saralegui is our consultant chef who helped create our restaurants menu. In this interview blog post he shares his experience working with Gaucho Ranch and his ideas for the restaurant.


How is it like to help open a new restaurant?

It is not new to me as I have helped open over 10 new restaurants already and hope to open more. It is super fun opening up a new restaurant since you get to see all the hard work and progress you make when it is done. I love starting from scratch and thinking of every little detail we need to make the restaurant shine. The process of inventing new dishes is fun since I can test and see if they will work well with our brand and customers and see if they taste as I would like.

What was your inspiration for the menu?

My inspiration was to truly capture the “Gaucho Ranch” essence and incorporate elements of the company and their products into the dish. We also wanted an international menu with variety since Gaucho Ranch is all about international meats and we wanted to ensure there was a dish for everyone. It was also important to make sure we could showcase the best of Gaucho Ranch’s products, which are all grass-fed and high quality meats.

What is your favorite thing about this restaurant?

The most interesting and exciting this about this restaurant is that everything is cooked using the wood-fired grill. This makes the food truly taste different from any other restaurant and also presented some challenges for us when developing the menu.

Which menu items do you think will be the bestselling?

We have classic dishes that are all cooked in a steady way on the wood-fired grill, which makes these dishes more tender and flavorful. These classic dishes we believe will all be bestselling as people have knowledge of them and are delicious with our method of cooking. For some of the more distinct dishes, I think that the octopus, the pork belly, and the sweatbread. This is because these are slow cooked for many hours and then grilled, which gives them a crispy outside texture while maintaining a tender inside.

What should be added to the menu in the future?

We have a lot of ideas for future dishes. For example, we are thinking of adding a wine tasting menu where you can try our fine selection of wines with a wine connoisseur who will teach you about our different wines. Another cool addition would be a Gaucho Experience-style menu where people can voyage through all things Gaucho Ranch.

How did you like working with Gaucho Ranch?

I loved working for this company! I have met lots of great people with good energy such as Pablo (the CEO) and Annie. They have a great work environment and a great brand that will never stray from it’s target mission and audience.

We want to thank Martin for working with us and are excited about what the future holds for him. Come try some of his Argentinian inspired cuisine at our restaurant and let us know how he did!