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by Social Media Gaucho on December 03, 2021

Hydrogen (H2) is the most abundant element in the universe and could be key to tackle climate change and contribute to the recovery of the planet.

Recently, many countries in the world have been interested in the potential of this fuel and have classified it as the best innovation in recent years to combat the effects of pollution.


But, what is this?

Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element in the universe and is found in a liquid or gaseous state in nature. This is very powerful: it has three times more energy than gasoline.

But, unlike gasoline, it is a clean energy source, since it only releases water (H2O), in the form of steam, and does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2).

Although technologies that allow hydrogen to be used as fuel have existed for many years, it has only been used on special occasions to power space rockets off the planet.

One of the reasons is due to its high volatility and the second is due to the difficulties that arise to produce it. On our planet, hydrogen only exists in combination with other elements such as water, oxygen, coal gas and oil.

Consequently, hydrogen must be separated from other molecules to use it as fuel, but this requires large amounts of energy and until now hydrocarbons were used to carry out this process. So CO2 was released and ended up polluting the environment.


How is E-Hydrogen produced?

A few years ago, hydrogen began to be produced from renewable energies such as the sun and the wind, using a process called electrolysis.

Electrolysis is an electrical current that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen in a device called an electrolyzer. The result is the so-called green hydrogen, which is 100% sustainable.



Basically, this resource can benefit all the productive sectors of a country, even distant communities that are dedicated to agriculture, providing greater energy, hydraulic and transport efficiency without producing pollutants and helping to obtain healthier and fresher food.

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