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by Social Media Gaucho on November 11, 2022

The Argentine asado is an event much more than a dinner and little less than a party, a moment that represents unity and friendship. It is a ceremony that crosses all social spheres. 

Saturday's barbecue was another great event for us. That is to say, the grill was filled with different cuts of meat and our grill master, a careful lover of precise cooking, was doing what he does best. The atmosphere, moreover, was unbeatable on that colorful terrace full of stencil art. Some chairs, small chairs and benches kindly surrounded a long table ready to receive the affection.

The night was cool with a beautiful breeze coming from the ocean. In the distance, on the horizon, some lightning illuminated the city at another point, making clear the possibility of a nice rain or a memorable storm outright, something that happens so frequently in Miami´s summer. We were not willing to give up —you never abandon a barbecue—, so we began, each one as best we could think of or remembered, to chase away that distant threat that by then already looked like an imminent precipitation.

The grill master, immediately and with the measured help of a couple more, improvised a roof for the grill, just in case. Others went down to free up space inside the house so that, if it was necessary to return indoors, there would be enough room for everyone. Just a few minutes later the wind was blowing stronger and the clouds were moving from one place to another. 

I heard in the distance the joy of the grill master for not having to move the grill, although he well deserved a gentle rain to quench the thirst of its skin that was cooking to the beat of the potatoes, onions and bell peppers, the sausages, the short ribs and the picanha with the heat of the grill. Grilling in Miami can be tough sometimes, but it´s something we love doing and no weather can make us flake.

Food was ready to be served. Everybody was gathering around the grill choosing their cuts and sides. This is the moment we love the most during our Miami Catering Events, when people start eating. We saw how their faces changed while they tasted everything we prepared with our own south American techniques and that secret ingredient that is love. They started commenting what was the best for each of them and we even got the traditional “aplauso al asador” we always get when everybody finishes eating.

The music was getting louder and people were starting to chat in different groups, some of them dancing and others still eating dessert. It was time for us to leave. We started packing and quietly left the venue. Another event, another happy client, another success. 

This is what we do, more than a barbeque, more than an asado, more than a catering service we provide our clients with memorable experiences that will linger in their minds and taste buds for a long time to come, our at least until the next asado.