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The history of Gaucho Ranch

by online store Gaucho on March 07, 2023

The Gaucho Ranch brand was created in 1998 based on the term “Gaucho” which is the South American cowboy that roams the grasslands of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. We chose the name in honor of his hard work and culture in taking care to raising cattle. This Gaucho’s lifestyle is based in living in balance with nature and ensuring all their animals are grown in a natural way which means they are all pasture-raised in open grasslands. The “ranch” or “rancho” in Spanish, represents his home-shelter and we wanted to display this mix of the Hispanic culture with the American culture.

The brand was created in NYC, importing beef from Argentina to the US, and initially distributing to supermarkets and distributors. We were the first Argentine meat purveyor to ever be in the prestigious catalogue of Dean de Luca Market in Manhattan.

Our goal was to educate consumers about the benefits of grass fed beef while presenting our cuts in a very eye-catching packaging appealing to foodies.

In 2000 we won a national packaging award by the Paperboard Packaging Council with our tenderloin packaging that propelled the sales and marketing of the brand.

Unfortunately, in year 2001 the Argentinean beef import was halted by USDA and it took almost 17 years to be re-established.

It took us two years to find a new producer in Uruguay called Pando, a family owned business, which we still partner with today. We then started focusing more on educating consumers and doing in-store demos in many groceries store explaining the benefits of grass-fed meat and what it was. Education was what really allowed the company to grow and come this far due to the limited knowledge on grass-fed meats at that time.

Eventually we had the opportunity to be part of a show in NBC where we were able to talk about grass-fed meats on TV and promote the health benefits of it. We continued doing our demonstrations and selling to supermarkets until 2008, where we decided to move and open our first retail store in Miami in the heart of Little River District. This is where we began selling to customers and building relationships with or clients in our own store, including hosting our “asado” tasting events.

Then we also expanded to have our e-commerce store where customers can order online and we could ship our products to anywhere in the US. After establishing our presence online, we had the opportunity in 2017 to move to a bigger warehouse with a retail front in Little River as well, which is where we are now. Here we focus on developing sales, catering and continue our premise to educate customers about healthy meat while promoting sustainability and recycling practices.

Let us know your thoughts about our story! We hope to continue growing and providing our community with products they love.