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Chile leading in renewable energies

by Social Media Gaucho on January 09, 2023

Chile is now one of the biggest world leaders in renewable energy.


Chile has a goal of converting 70% of their energy consumption to renewables by 2030 and being carbon neutral by 2050.

They have made exacerbating progress in with this goal in recent years due to several different factors.

Political buy-ins: Both major parties and many other parties of the Chilean government support renewable energy and have made it one of their priorities. They have suggested and implemented several plans to help transition to a more green and renewable Chile. They have also accelerated solar, wind, and geothermal energy across the country.

Public-private partnership: Many government sectors are funding projects working with private companies to complete many of their renewable goals. They are trying to incorporate green hydrogen, which is a clean energy source, into their public sectors of mining and commodities and all other local carbon-reliant supply chains. This energy resource is not only renewable but could be one of the most affordable hydrogens in the world.

Establish Friendships Abroad: Chile has hosted many climate conferences and has proposed many policies in these conventions, such as the “Americas, for the protection of the Ocean.” They also have bilateral partnerships with countries and work hand in hand with them to reduce their emissions and develop more green technologies. An example being the Chile and Germany energy partnership.

Renewable Energy and Gender: Chile has focused on the importance of women in the renewable energy sector as it is a male-dominated field. They have launched projects to help improve diversity and inclusion in this field. For example, they partnered with the Inter-American Development Bank to promote clean and renewable energy sources and promote equal pay for women in this sector.

Chile has been actively promoting their renewable energies and we hope that other countries try to mimic or promote these efforts just like them. We at Gaucho Ranch have been implementing renewable energies into our facilities. We have solar powered trucks we use to power equipment and serve food.

Do you think we will be able to all be carbon neutral in the future?

Article being discussed: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2023/01/how-chile-is-becoming-a-leader-in-renewable-energy/