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Duck Breast 1/2 Magret

Duck Breast 1/2 Magret

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Product description:
Duck breast is best served medium rare. You can grill it, pan-sear or roast them either way it will taste delicious. Moulard duck raised cage-free, in open barns, on a vegetarian grain diet, with no added antibiotics or growth hormones. Our small farm follows traditional methods, with an emphasis on a stress-free environment and plenty of space to allow natural flocking behavior. This hybrid breed, known for its rich red meat, gives us the hearty magret - or duck breast - and the ample legs that become delicious duck confit.

Important: This product is sold by the pound. Our team will contact you to let you know the exact weight and price of your order.

Product Sold Frozen. Weight and Price displayed are approximates.

Price x lb: $34.50 per Lb
Approx. Weight: 16 oz

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